Our Services

This is recommended to all new Clients who are looking to start a collection of plants to enhance their Conservatory. (Click here for points to consider when planning to build a conservatory). Lisa can advise you how to create special effects with species that will thrive in your particular glass building. All aspects of good design are considered at this meeting, including the benefits of planting into beautiful containers and border soil, the ease of climate management and the practical side of plant pruning, training and feeding. Clients are invited to browse through photographs of planting ideas and are offered a fuller understanding of how to realise their dreams of a lush, fragrant and exotic retreat. The details of this discussion are formalised as a written  planting proposal which you will receive after the consultation. A full estimate of costs is provided at this stage. 

Planting Service

Fleur De Lys can provide you with everything you will need to complete your Planting Plan  as detailed. We supply high quality plants, pots, labour and all the materials required. We can work alone or with you and your gardeners , whichever you prefer. We also offer a service to established conservatory owners who are looking for help to maintain existing plant collections - Click here for more details

Aftercare and plant maintenance

This particular service is highly valued by our clients because it affords the opportunity to meet again to discuss in detail all aspects of growing and caring for the new plant collection. We arrive fully prepared to undertake any pruning, training, re-potting, and any pest control which may be needed. Some clients make use of this service on a very regular basis and some ask us for help just once or twice a year. We are always happy to fit this in at a time to suit you.